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The Center for Intuitive Food Therapy invites you to be one of our collaborate Authors for our upcoming book:

Intuitive Healing Therapies to Nourish Your Body Temple
Release date: July 2024

The Center for Intuitive Food Therapy,™ founded by Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan was born from her written chapter, launched 6/6 for International Bestselling Book, Energy Healer’s Oracle – Tools for Total Transformation. Lead Author and Master Angelic Healer, Angela Orora Medway-Smith suggested a title change to showcase the modality of intuitive food healing being showcased through chakras and nature’s five elements  the reader was learning on the pages to use at home…directly from their refrigerator.

 In short order, the book has become a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Energy Healing, Holistic Medicine, Alternative Healing, and New Age Mental and Spiritual Healing categories.

At the same time, CIFT is becoming a hub for those who are looking to feel better and live longer through intuitive healing modalities that include the many gifts our community offers such as Reiki, EFT/Tapping, Theta Healing, Meditation, Crystals, Essential Oils, Shamanism, Flower Essences, Prayer, Violet Flame Awakenings, Archangel & Ascended Master teachings, Yoga, Energy Healing and more.

How one “feeds” the body temple goes so much farther past what food is put inside the body. We look at the mind, body and spirit holistically and expand the teachings to what thoughts we feed our minds, what movement we offer our body and what enlightened wisdom we practice to feed the soul.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Join this collaborative project with CIFT and 58 time #1 Bestselling Amazon Publisher, Brave Healer Productions for an extraordinary journey together with:

High Vibrational Wellness (HVW)
Intuitive Healing Therapies to Nourish Your Body Temple

You’ll be part of:

  • 25-authors led by Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan, Co-Author of The Food Healing Oracle Deck® (now in 30 countries), Second Helpings – Food Healing Oracle Deck® Vol II, Smoothies – Nourishing Wisdom Beyond the Blend! and Finn’s Giant Leap. She is also the Producer of the #1 Amazon Bestselling Gulf Coast Meditations – a collaborative five album meditation series.
  • You’ll be expertly guided by 58 time #1 bestselling Publisher, Laura Di Franco and the Brave Healer Productions Team. 
  • HVE will be professionally designed and marketed with the goal to help you spread your message and build your business. 
  • Teach you profoundly helpful tips to become a “storyteller” and garner insights to the book business for your own projects.
  • The time together in the 4 month development period will offer group writing and book launch coaching for our authors; coaching that you can use to launch your own book in the future.
  • An opportunity to join multiple networking sessions and learning classes from both the CIFT and Brave Healer communities. FB groups, classes, retreats and more. Tons of support.  Brave Healer Productions offers free monthly business coaching in the Brave Badass Healers, a Community for World Changers Facebook Group. 


The Possibilities Are Endless…And Simply Delicious!

  • The chance to be an Amazon bestselling author! The majority of Brave Healer Productions books have achieved #1 Amazon Best-selling status.
  • The perfect platform to get your story and message out into the world in a much bigger way.
  • Grow your network with other authors, business owners and readers.
  • Being interviewed on The Brave Healer Productions YouTube Show. 
  • Other media opportunities through our press release  
  • Being a part of a BIG mission to change the world, one brave word at a time. 
  • A chance to do live training or story time readings in bonus Facebook groups 
  • Being a part of the dedicated Brave Healer Book Launch Team of over 1,000 people! 
  • A special live stream online book launch celebration with authors and book purchasers. 
  • Collaboration with other Brave Healer authors.

About Us

Known as “The Food Oracle,” Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan is the Founder of CIFT Center for Intuitive Food Therapy™.

As predestined, she has been a life-long foodie, working early on in Hollywood’s top Vegetarian Kitchen for such mega A-listers as Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Al Pacino, James Cameron, Michael J. Fox and Guru of the Western SIkh movement, Yogi Bajan.

She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics from California State University Northridge’s renowned Food Science Center and is a Certified Advanced Food Healing Instructor from Jeff Primack’s Conquering All Disease Program in which she graduated top of her class. 

She’s a fourth generation intuitive and has been providing oracle and tarot readings her entire life. As an Advanced Theta Healer, she combines her energy healing and oracle readings in her private sessions to unlock subconscious beliefs and discover the areas of stagnation to allow greater flow and health for your mind, body and spirit. She is also Certified as a Violet Flame Chakra Activation and Sound Healer

Laura Di Franco is the owner of Brave Healer Productions where she’ll help you share your story, build your business, and change the world.

Laura is a multiple-time Amazon bestselling author with three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, a third-degree black belt, and over 58 published books. She has a clear preference for being badass but she’s also the champion of entrepreneurs who want to grow their health-based practices.

Her publishing services, collaborative book projects, writing workshops and retreats, business strategy sessions, and online writing circle are just some of the ways she helps talented professionals maximize their professional impact.

Laura is a certified content marketer with SmartBlogger, an international blogger and a spoken-word poet.

When she’s not writing or helping others write brave words, you’ll find her bouncing to the beat at a rave, driving her convertible Mustang, sipping a mojito, or writing love poems.