By Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan


In the world of “woo,” Healers teach you to become self–reliant and to have resources at your immediate disposal to know that all you ever need is already inside. The act of “self–divination” is the key to realizing that you’re whole and perfect and have an arsenal of tools in your toolbox if you learn how to access them within.

What a gift it is to realize we have greater control over the answers if we got out of our own way and embrace the Divine Feminine flow of receiving intuitive wisdom and spirit’s messages that are waiting to be shared.

I invite you to enjoy these techniques that offer you a glimpse into the power of YOU! If you’ve been to a holistic chiropractor, kinesiologist or energy healer, chances are you’ve experienced muscle testing to uncover what the body needs to share in terms of pain locations, pain thresholds, and resonant nutritional supplement suggestions, to name a few. Your body is a powerful barometer you can access body secrets with for a variety of needs and find your way back to center wellness, emotionally, mentally physically, and spiritually. Here we go…

Become a Human Pendulum aka “The Sway Test”


The Sway Test is my favorite way, especially for a beginning “body tuner” to understand your relationship with your inner voice, spirit, soul, or guide that allows you to have a call and response to get the answers you seek.

In my world as a “Food Oracle,” I give readings that essentially are represented by “a mirror” of one’s own circumstances.  In the healing session work I do with Advanced Theta Healing, I often use the Sway Test for my clients. I also use it daily for myself. A visual and palpable response to asking your body questions are determined by the rate of movement of your body.

Before we put this into action, let’s keep in mind a few things:

    1. Stand tall and unencumbered. Make sure the room is quiet without distraction or noise.
    2. Take a sip of water to hydrate your body temple.
    3. Enjoy three OM breaths while standing, breathing in and then breathing out.
    4. Ask your higher wisdom to remove any energies around your field and allow yourself to be cleared of any personal attachment to the matter at hand. Clear it now into a state of neutrality.
    5. Next, you’re going to validate that your body is responding to your questions. You’re about to ask yourself some false statements:

    False Statement – Say Your Name is __________________ and use any name other than your true name.  Notice the response of your body.

    If your body sways or leans back, that response is a NO.

    If your body sways or leans forward that response is a YES.

    If you move side to side, I suggest revisiting the clearing to neutral, and sipping more water. Then try again.

    6. Once you are “ready to go” you can state questions to yourself to find an answer.

    Example Questions:

    Salmon is in alignment to eat tonight. See the body response.

    My root chakra needs carrots tonight. See the body response.

    It’s essential to test your body as you are constantly in flux. Sometimes salmon may be good for you, other times your body wants all plant food. It will tell you.

    Additionally. Sometimes your body is in a more acidic state due to emotional and mental turmoil from the day. Asking which foods you are considering (perhaps when pulling cards from The Food Healing Oracle Decks) may indicate what is needed now, in real-time wisdom. Try it. It’s enlightening and fun!

    Physical Pendulum

    You may want to do a physical pendulum instead of your body. You’re comfortable and don’t want to get up, you’re in a place that doesn’t allow you to sway test or any other reason you have.

    Pendulums come in all shapes and sizes. Most are shaped as a pointed triangle and made of different gemstones. Find one that calls to you at your favorite metaphysical store, yoga studio or psychic faire.  Here are few of our favorites you can get shipped via Amazon.

    Chakra Pendulum – $12.99

    Amethyst Pendulum – $12.99

    Golden Brass Pendulum – $16.99

    Hanuman Pendulum – $9.99

    Muscle Testing

    There are a variety of ways to do muscle testing techniques. Yet, the easiest one for self-testing is done on your fingers.  It’s called the O test or Finger Lock Test.


    1. With your dominant hand, touch your pinky finger to your thumb to form an “O”.
    2. Next with your other hand, stick your index finger in the “O” and ask your question.
    3. If You ask your question or frame it as a statement, pull your finger towards where the pink and thumb are touching.
    4. Hold tight and pull away. If it pulls away, it is a NO. If it holds strong and keeps locked, it’s a YES.

    It’s that simple.  There are also many YouTube videos you can watch to learn more.

    Here at the Center for Intuitive Food Therapy (CIFT), we want to give you as many opportunities to intuitively tune into your body’s infinite wisdom. We’re here to support your greater longevity and wellness.

    Please reach out and let us know how any of our products and services are assisting you.

    With great love and joy,

    Lainie Sevante Wulkan

    NOTE: This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  While there is promising research currently evaluating soursop and other similar products, we are sharing collective wisdom researched thus far.

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    About the Author

    Lainie Sevante Wulkan is Founder of The Center for Intuitive Food Therapy (CIFT), Nourish Your Soul Ayurveda & Nourish Your Soul Retreats. She’s a multi–modality healer with advanced certifications in Food Healing, Theta Healing and EFT/Tapping. She holds a BS in Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition from Cal State Northridge and was top of the class in Jeff Primack’s “Conquering All Disease Advanced Food Healing” Instructor program. She’s an International bestselling Author of The Food Healing Oracle Deck – Nourishing Wisdom from Mother Earth (Co-Authored Vol. 1 & 2) and is writing Volume 3; Smoothies – Nourishing Wisdom Beyond the Blend, Top Exotic Foods for Natural Healing. She also wrote a chapter for The Energy Healers Oracle, deemed #21 out of 100 best healing books of all time by Book Authority. Sevante is now launching the highly- anticipated seven volume series, Feeding Your Chakras and co-authoring Angelic Resonance with International Bestselling Author Angela Orora Medway–Smith.

    Sevante elevates humanity by nourishing the mind, body & soul. Her passion is felt throughout all her creations. She offers a deeper knowledge of Spirit and self-expansion to her community to have optimum emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual (EMPS) wellness.

    She travels globally with Nourish Your Soul Retreats, speaking at Holistic festivals worldwide, teaching online classes to become a Certified Intuitive Food Therapist, offering private reading and healing sessions, hosting the Nourish Your Soul Show, and expanding her Ayurvedic tea & incense imports from Nepal across USA and Canada.

    Sevante is nestled on a beautiful island in Southwest Florida with her husband, Music Producer Howard Merlin Wulkan and their four-legged brood amongst palm trees, enchanted ponds, peacocks and the best of Mother Nature’s bounty.

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