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Begin Your Journey of Intuitive Food Therapy™ with The Food Healing Oracle Deck®

An incredibly powerful tool to Nourish Your Soul!

Volume II ‘Second Helpings’ features 60 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts & spices that help to lead the way to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual (EMPS) wellness.  It too is plant-based, just like the first deck.

Combining Spirit & Science is our jam!  We’ve created nine new card spreads to open your minds and hearts in true Oracle fashion to seek the life questions most pressing to you, allowing the food, pictures and insights do the rest.  And yes, you can absolutely ask the deck if the foods you’re picking in the cards are something you should eat or that your body is craving.  They have a very unique way of letting you know exactly what should be included in your next meal or snack break, time and time again.  Or, perhaps, you intuitively bought that specific food at the grocery store the night before.  We’ve heard countless stories of food synchronicity.

The cards are created on high quality art paper to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.  The deck and the inspirational guidebook are packed in a beautiful box to keep your deck safe wherever you take it.


Mother Nature invites you to enrich your own earthly landscape of well-being with the SOUL’S GARDEN ORACLE™ DECK by Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan. SGO is filled with next level nourishment to cultivate healing and growth.

With 44 beautifully illustrated foods by soul artist, Jeni Willing, channeled healing wisdom and nutritional, practical gifts, you’ll experience high vibrational wellness for a whole new you!

It’s truly a harvest of the senses and a bounty of intuitive food therapy™ your mind, body and spirit are calling you towards.

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