By Lainie “Sevante” Wulkan


“I can’t afford that,” says just about anyone who doesn’t believe they can.

In the many years I’ve worked in the spiritual healing arts teaching classes, certifications, giving readings, healing sessions and leading global wellness retreats, one of the most common concerns that enters most people’s minds is how to pay for something they truly want to have.

Many times, and it’s a result of belief systems, whether conscious or subconscious, is that we often don’t think, feel or believe that we can spend “so much money” on ourselves. Does this sound like you?

When we’re buying a car or house repair, purchasing something for our kids, the family or investing into our businesses, it’s easy to rationalize the expenditure right? But think about it for a moment. Who is the common denominator in all that spending and decision making? YOU! Why is it that you are put last or have thoughts of “there’s no way I can afford it”, “I don’t deserve to spend that much money on me” or your mind is already well into the future thinking of all the reasons you can’t follow your heart’s desires right here, right now? Does this sound familiar? I get it. I was once there and on the other side of mindful thinking, master manifesting and living my dreams.

As a multi-modality healer, I see a lot of wounds, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage come up, blocking your way to freedom, liberation and expansion. As a result, you bypass the opportunities to give, receive and uplevel your growth as a human and spiritual being on the planet. As the great, late Ram Dass shared and titled his book, BE HERE NOW, the art of presence is exactly a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

Be present with the energy tugs to saying yes and then take the steps that reveal to you how to move forward in authentic knowing and enlightened trusting. You have a voice inside that whispers your true desires. Talk with it. Work with it. Move energy and manifest with it. Self-care calling is there to get your attention that you matter most and by doing so, you raise the frequency roof for all to enjoy of it. It’s glorious when you can see the fruits of your labors and realize, that with just a little assistance, you came out the other side and took the trip, paid for that training, grew into the next level of your wisdomship and it’s paying off in spades. Can you feel the energy already shifting? I can.

In order to attract and be in the abundant law of attraction vibration, you need to raise your frequency and being the process of stepping into that which you already are. How do you make it happen?

Here are some of my best tips take you on the journey of bliss you’ve been waiting for – the next version of you, where you say yes more to the things that interest and light you up, make you a better person, increase your health and wellness and nourish your soul in infinite ways. This is your time to shine. Let some of these suggestions assist you on your path to plenty!

  1. Clarity of Vision – In order to have what you want, you need to see it in your mind’s eye and all your senses. See, feel, hear, touch, taste. Pump up the imagination volume and let it rip! See yourself on the airplane looking out over crystal blue waters, or the sounds of the minarets in the background calling you to prayer. Perhaps, you’re smelling the freshly made meal that has been so artfully prepared for you overlooking the lush and vibrant rainforest jungle. See yourself in these settings. Taste the food in your mind. Energy is climbing.

See it in pictures! Set up a vision board. THEY WORK! Cut out pictures of the retreat or anything else you want to manifest. GET THE VISION CLEAR and have it close where every day you can energize it into being.

  1. Definiteness of Purpose – Your WHY. Be definite about all the reasons you’re worthy, deserving, able to afford this. TRUST in the knowing “THAT WHICH IS FOR YOU WON’T PASS YOU BY.” If it came into your field of consciousness, then it’s something to lean into. If the energy continues to present itself as right action, keep going. See your purpose in having that session, going on the trip, being in the certification and why it serves your purpose in the now moment. Why will it make a difference in your life? When you have full authentic answer, state it to the universe. Let it be known. That’s where prayer, meditation and journaling come in. 
  1. Steadfastness of Faith – This is where Fear vs Trust comes in. While we can’t see the forest through the trees or plainly, where the money is coming from, know, trust and smile that it’s already being worked out in the universe. You’ve made your intention and definiteness known. Allow the Universe, God, Spirit or whomever you call your Highest Power to bring it in and more. Always ask, “this or more.” Give your desire a number. If it’s $5,000. Say Thank you Spirit. $5,000 or more please to go on this retreat.” As the great Abraham Hicks wrote in the bestselling book ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, you can absolutely set the course of manifestation and soon enough you’ll be on the trip sipping fresh juices looking over an epic skyline or sitting by the crystal clear waters of some exotic sea without a care in the world.


Practicality is key. So is Spiritual attunements.

While we love the world of woo, we also live here on the planet and that is a tangible need to reason with what is here.

  1. Set up a retreat savings account. Make an intention that 10% goes into it every time your bring in income. Thank the money and say “I Divinely request more please.” Consider an account that accrues interest and helps your money grow.
  2. Find the credit card that offers the greatest rewards in travel points and soon start seeing your purchases turn into opportunities to fly the friendly skies.
  3. 369 Manifestation. Write down what you want to manifest 3x in the morning, 6x in the afternoon and 9x in the evening. State it clearly. The more you write it, the more it shows up. Smile and thank your higher power that it’s already done. See the money in your bank account. Envision making the deposit and more coming in after that.
  4. Have some things to sell? Garage sales and ebays are awesome. What was sitting there in your house and taking up space can be someone else’s treasure, allowing you to then seek your pot of gold into what you want to manifest.
  5. Build an altar. Like a Vision Board, Create a space in your home that honors your desires. Feed that altar with crystals (citrines for money!) pictures (of what or where you want) and candles (green for abundance and health!) and colors of the chakras. Think Root Chakra so you ground in your manifestation. Go red and get ahead!
  6. Call a friend. Seriously call a friend and have a conversation of what it’s like having the experience you want. For instance, if you want take in a retreat, say to your friend “I’m so glad I chose to come to Costa Rica. It’s just life changing. I’ve met so many incredibly like-minded people and the time away has given me so much perspective. My diet choices feel different, I’m walking more and I know these great practices will carry on when I get home.” Let your friend reply with a positive response. “That’s so great. You look amazing and are simply glowing. SO glad you took out time for yourself. A retreat well deserved for all you do for others.” You’re essentially moving the timeline of the Universe forward as “if it’s already done” and you’re in the energy field. Go quantum baby! You’re worth it.



False Evidence As Real  – It’s time to release the trappings of your mind and abandon the suffering it’s caused in keeping you held back. You are the decider and can make the choice to shift your perspective, wallet and intentions. Don’t let your mind take over. A great book to help with this part of the process is the #1 Internation Bestseller, Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Joseph Nyguyen. Read it. Unwind the trappings. If you’re meant to have it or be there, you will. Follow your heart. Manifest now.

Lastly there’s my baby, The Food Healing Oracle Deck series, Volume 1 and II aka Second Helpings. These are Oracle Cards that can help you have daily dialog with your soul on what you need to eat, drink, release, clear and manifest. Anchoring a desire physically by waiting of eating it, provides an abundant frequency of activation for your cells and you get to do that each and every time you go grocery shopping. You want to manifest? Apricots! Imagine a world where we can create instantly with intention. You can and the time to start is now.

Don’t let time slip pass you by. The saving and waiting is good, but also creating and manifesting wealth now so you can enjoy, evolve, grow and expand into new levels you haven’t thought possible is GREAT! It’s not just others doing it, you can too and some of these little tips can lead the way.

You matter and I want to see you step up and feed your body temple infinitely magnificent ways.

See you on the other side of greatness, wellness, wholeness and fun!

Lainie Sevante Wulkan


About the Author


Lainie Sevante Wulkan is Founder of The Center for Intuitive Food Therapy (CIFT), Nourish Your Soul Ayurveda & Nourish Your Soul Retreats. She’s a multi–modality healer with advanced certifications in Food Healing, Theta Healing, and EFT/Tapping. She holds a BS in Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition from California State University, Northridge, and top of class in Jeff Primack’s Conquering All Disease Advanced Food Healing Instructor program.

She’s an International bestselling Author having written The Food Healing Oracle Deck – Nourishing Wisdom from Mother Earth series (Co-Authored Volumes 1 and 2 and is currently solo writing Volume 3), Smoothies – Nourishing Wisdom Beyond the Blend, Top Exotic Foods for Natural Healing and wrote Chapter 3 in The Energy Healers Oracle deemed “#21 out of 100 Best healing books” of all time by Book Authority. She’s currently writing the highly anticipated seven-volume series, Feeding Your Chakras and co-authoring Angelic Resonance with International Bestselling Author, Angela Orora Medway – Smith.

Her passion for elevating humanity with pathways to nourishing the mind, body & soul is felt in all of her creations. Whether attending global sojourns into wellness on exotic Nourish Your Soul Retreats, taking her online wellness classes, becoming a Certified Intuitive Food Therapist, receiving private healings, hearing the Nourish Your Soul Show, or enjoying her organic, Ayurvedic tea incense imports from Nepal, a deeper knowing of Spirit and greater expansion of self is realized.

When Sevante isn’t traveling the globe or having a speaking engagement, she is nestled on a beautiful island in Southwest Florida with her Husband, Music Producer, Howard Merlin, and their four-legged brood amongst the palm trees, enchanted ponds, peacocks, and the best of Mother Nature’s bounty.


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